Below is a short description of the sights of our travel program Georgia 2019. Yan Travel has knowledge of exclusive activities and attractions in Armenia that are not mentioned below to protect exclusivity. If you decide to travel with Yan Travel, you will receive all information, if desired, in detail.

Included in this trip

 Return flight
 Airport transfer in Georgia
 Hotels including breakfast
 Lunch for every day
 Extensive Georgian dinners
 Tour by bus
 Dutch speaking guide and guidance
 Entrance fees museums
 Entire organization of the trip (including introductory meeting)

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Starting at € 1550,-


Exclusive high season supplement of € 120,-

Surcharge one person of € 180,-

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Travel dates 2019
  13rd of July – 20th of July
Travel dates 2020
  19th of August – 26th of August

Day 1/2


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and was founded in the 5th century. Tbilisi literally means a hot spring source, because of the water sources in the city. We visit these sources, which serve as BADHUIZEN. We visit the ARCHEOLOGICAL MUSEUM of Tbilisi. The castle NARIKALA (13th century) was rebuilt in 1997, from the castle there is also a beautiful panorama of the city. SAMEBA, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity of Tbilisi. An immense multi-story cathedral in which the Patriarch of Georgia resides.

Day 3


The city where Georgians were the first in the country to adopt Christianity and the Georgian Orthodox Church was founded.
A visit to the DZJVARIKLOOSTER (monastery of the Cross) will surprise you with a beautiful view of Mtscheta. It lies on a rocky mountain top on the rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi. The monastery was built in the 6th century and is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


A rocky city whose history dates back to the 5th century BC. and is considered one of the oldest settlements in the Caucasus. The houses are carved into the rocks and create labyrinths. Houses were dug into the rock and most were destroyed during the earthquake in 1920.

Day 4


The city of roses and May ‘, a romantic and vibrant city in the center of Georgia. In the modern city are the traditional Georgian houses on the river Rioni, which you must experience. After the tour in Kutaisi and the visit to monasteries we continue to the PROMETEOS caves and the nature reserve SATAPLIA, where dinosaur fossils are found. A combination of the city and nature make this day varied and special.

Day 5


Borjomi is a city known for the mineral water. The city lies in a valley surrounded by mountains, beautiful green forests. In Borjomi you get free time, you can take a walk in nature, or in Borjomi Central Park, you can visit monuments or the Mtsvane monastery or the local museum

Dag 6


In Akhaltsikhe we visit the castle Rabati from the 11th century. It is a huge complex and completely restored. We enter the castle walls and see next to the castle, a mosque and church, a museum, a bathhouse and beautiful gardens. We wander through old Georgia for a moment. Then we visit the KHERTVITSI castle from the 10th century, which was destroyed by Alexander the Great and rebuilt in the 14th century. This castle is built on a hill at the foot of a mountain and takes us to the pure 14th century.

Dag 7/8


The first stop: VARDZIA, a cave monastery on the Ktkvari river. The monastery had six thousand apartments and thirteen floors. It was a complete city with its own church, throne room, agricultural land and hidden entrances and exits.
We stop in Achalkalaki, a city on the border and is inhabited for 90% by ethnic Armenians.


Then we arrive in Bolnisi, the city founded in 1818 by settler families from southern Germany. Here we visit the BOLNISI SIONI, the oldest Christian building in Georgia.

Travel advice Georgia

Georgia is a safe country to travel to. Yan Travel takes into account current situations in Georgia and informs you about possible developments regarding the trips. Since we have close contacts with the Georgian authorities, we always know what happens in the country. We can imagine that you still have questions about your safety in Georgia. Contact us and we will inform you in detail.