Theme trips

Below is a short description of the sights of our travel program. Yan Travel has knowledge of exclusive activities and attractions in Armenia that are not mentioned below to protect exclusivity. If you decide to travel with Yan Travel, you will receive all information, if desired, in detail.

Included in this trip

 Return flight
 Airport transfer in Armenia
 Hotels including breakfast
 Lunch for every day
 Extensive Armenian dinners
 Tour by bus
 Dutch speaking guide and guidance
 Entrance fees museums
 Entire organization of the trip (including introductory meeting)

The costs per trip are

Starting from € 1150,-


Exclusive high season supplement of € 120, -

This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (

Reisdata 2019

27th of April – 4th of May
(Song Trip)

 23rd of July – 1st of August
(Themedis Prehistory / early Christianity)

Theme trip



‘To understand each other, you do not have to speak the same language. Everyone understands the language of music.

Singing together! “

During the song trip

During the song journey Armenian and Dutch songs are exchanged and the two cultures become connected through music. It is important that the group is singing, getting to know the country, tasting the Armenian cuisine, visiting the beautiful locations and making contact with the people.


We want more than you as a tourist in the country. This means that the tour guide speaks Dutch and Armenian. You taste Armenian specialties and local dishes every day. You come to people’s homes, eat and sing together. You see who the real Armenians are and how they live.

Singing track

The entire vocal trajectory before and during the journey is provided by Ingrid van Rooij, an experienced conductor from Den Bosch. Ingrid studies the Armenian Georgian repertoire with the project choir in the preliminary stages of these singing tours.

Historical travels


‘The cradle of Christianity, one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a gripping history.


A historic journey to Armenia will continue to surprise you about the history of the country. Museums, ruins and excavations will be interspersed with the nature, sights, people and delicious food of the inhabitants.


You will gain more insight into the history of the country, the relationship with neighboring countries, Russia and Europe. The emphasis of the journey is on antiquity and early Christianity. You will come into contact with objects from antiquity to the Middle Ages and churches and convent from the 4th – 10th century.


The entire trip is accompanied by an Armenian / Dutch tour guide. English specialist specialist guides will show you around in museums.

Travel dates

The program is tailor-made depending on the theme trip. A number of current theme trips are explained above. Groups can register with their own interests such as photography trips, nature trips, cooking trips, yoga trips, Christian travel etc.