Facts Georgia

In Georgia they speak Georgian and the language consists of a unique alphabet. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi, an old, yet modern city. The country is 69 700 km2 big. The form of government is a republic. The population is4.926.330 (2017). The highest mountain is on the Shchara(5.193 m).

The flag of Georgia consists of a white surface with five red crosses, also called the Five-Cross flag. The crosses stand for Christ and the four evangelists, these crosses also stand for the five wounds of Christ. The white stands for innocence, cleanliness and wisdom. The red stands courage, bravery and love.

Climates in Georgia

Georgia is golden in the autumn. The temperatures are on average 18 degrees. For the journey it is important to bring T-shirts as well as a thick sweater and / or vests, as we travel through different areas (and heights). So we advise clothing in layers.

In the spring, Georgia is nicely green-colored, the sun is shining and the temperature is 21 degrees on average. There is still some snow in the mountains. Nature is in full bloom and everyone is amazed. There are plenty of animals to find and this time is extra photogenic.

The summers in Georgia are sunny and reach up to 37 degrees. The summer period starts in June and lasts until about mid-September. During this period the temperatures during the day (depending on the altitude) are between 22 and 37 degrees Celsius. Despite the seafront location, there are areas where no rain falls in the summer.

Winter starts in December and lasts until February. In winter it will freeze to -3. In the mountain areas there is a lot of snow, ideal for winter sports.

Practical Information


An additional visa is not required during a trip to Georgia. Since Georgia is not part of the European Union, a valid passport is required as a travel document. An ID card is therefore invalid.



In Georgia the same type of sockets are used as in the Netherlands. So you can simply take all your electronics with you without adjustments.


Georgian is a South Caucasian language. More than 7 million people speak Georgian. The language has its own alphabet, designed by Mesrop Mashtots (the Armenian monk who designed the Armenian alphabet). It counts five vowels and 28 consonants. Many combinations of consonants occur in the language, think of Mtkvari.

Fortunately, the language is no problem for our travel groups, since the tour guide assists you intensively in both translations and contact with the local population. It is worth it to also study Georgian words yourself. For the journey you will receive a handy glossary and after some practice you will quickly notice the enthusiasm of the Georgians


In Georgia you pay with the Georgian Lari (3 euros is + – 10 lari) Money is possible, pins in shops and supermarkets is generally possible. Pegs cost 2.50 per time. There are no charges for transactions via the debit card itself luta


During the summer time it is 2 hours later in Georgia than in the Netherlands. During our winter time, it is 3 hours later in Georgia. In the summer months the sun rises in Georgia around 6:00 and goes below around 20:10. During the spring and winter months the sun rises around 8 o’clock and goes below around 5:30 PM. The average day in the year has about 13 hours of daylight in Georgia, roughly equal to the values ​​of the Netherlands.

Travel insurance

We offer our trips, as many travel agencies do not offer travel insurance. You can individually take out travel insurance with an insurance company of your choice. If you encounter any difficulties, questions or need help, we will of course help you and free of charge.
This also applies to advice that has to do with the trips in any way whatsoever.